ATG routinely issues monthly and annual reports containing summaries of basic
meteorological data. Electronic versions of recent reports are available.
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For hardcopy versions of past monthly or annual reports, call Steve Weinbeck
at 5-6931 or Linda Randolph at 5-3185

Custom datasets of daily rainfall and temperature can be requested by completing
the following information.The rainfall database includes information for 10 gage
locations across the SRS. All users please note that these data have not been
subject to a rigorous quality control review and, therefore, should be used with some
caution. Please call the Weather Center if your need to request
temperature or rainfall data with full quality assurance.

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Rainfall-24 hr totals (6am-6am) since 1964

Temperature-Daily min/max since 1964 (A area)
Additional SRS meteorological data are available. Please contact the Weather Center (5-1182, 5-6931, 5-3185) for more detail.