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News releases are in PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader - click here to download).

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10.04.16   SRNL Deputy Director Honored by American Ceramic Society

09.30.16   2015 Environmental Report States SRS Environmentally Safe

09.30.16   SRS Begins Down-Blend Operations for 6 MT of Plutonium

09.27.16   Sixteen Scholarships Awarded as Thousands of Area Students Attend CSRA College Night

08.15.16   Remediation Begins Using Salt Solution Receipt Tank

09.07.16   The Dream Team: Experienced employees handpicked for hazardous facility cleanup

08.22.16   Savannah River Site’s H Canyon Resumes Next Step to Process Spent Nuclear Materials

08.16.16   Second Annual Savannah River Site Employee Association “Sports Challenge” Benefits the United Way

07.28.16   SRNL Facility Gets Makeover with Powerful New Neutron-Generation Capability

07.26.16   Mark Your Calendars: CSRA College Night Celebrates Years of Service to Area Students on September 15

07.18.16   Savannah River Remediation Awards Bid for Cesium Removal Process

07.12.16   Department of Energy Summer Interns Excel in Scholars Program

06.30.16   DOE Releases Final Request for Proposal for Savannah River Site Liquid Waste Services

06.29.16   Savannah River Remediation Makes Cost-Effective Pump Transfer Between Waste Tanks

06.21.16   DOE Holds Ribbon Cutting for New Salt Waste Processing Facility

06.13.16   SRS Public Tours: Decades of Inspiring History, Cold War Defense, Nuclear Operations and Miles of Pristine Wilderness

06.07.16   DOE Declares Construction of Salt Waste Processing Facility Complete

06.07.16   Savannah River Site Hires More than 80 New Operators

05.12.16   SRS Celebrates 20 years of Vitrification Facility Operations and Eighth Radioactive Waste Tank Closure

05.05.16   SRS Deer Hunt Registration Begins

04.21.16   Savannah River Remediation Successfully Demonstrates Modified Salt Waste Process

04.18.16   Melter 2 at Defense Waste Processing Facility Doubles the Waste Turned to Glass Compared to Melter 1

03.31.16   DOE Releases Draft Request for Proposal and Announces Pre-Solicitation Conference for Savannah River Site Liquid Waste Services

03.24.16   Developer Selected for New SRNL Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative

03.23.16   SRS Contractor Uses Unconventional Treatment to Protect Groundwater and Reduce Cleanup Costs

03.22.16   SRNL to Help Train the Next Generation of Robotics Engineers

03.21.16   Defense Waste Processing Facility Celebrates 20 Years of Operation

03.16.16   2016 Regional Science and Engineering Fair Competition: Part of the world’s largest international pre-college science competition

03.14.16   DOE’s SWPF Integration Involves Contractor Teamwork at SRS

03.10.16   SRS Radiological Assistance Program: Nuclear “First Responders” for the Department of Energy

03.07.16   Dr. Ralph James Joins SRNL as New Associate Laboratory Director

03.07.16   SRS Begins Cleanup of Building Used to Produce Fuel for Space Program

02.29.16   Savannah River Regional Science Bowl® Champions: Lakeside High School

02.25.16   SRNL Harvests Rare Materials from Legacy Nuclear Material Assemblies

02.23.15   Savannah River Site resumes key process at

01.26.16   Student-Built Cities of the Future Displayed during Annual Regional Competition Involving South Carolina and Augusta-Area Middle Schools

01.25.16   Elise Fox Elected to the SC Biomass Council Board of Directors

01.19.16   Grouting Begins on Next SRS Waste Tank

01.19.16   SRNL Meteorologist to Head the American Meteorological Society

01.14.16   Money Awarded to SRNL/Clemson Partnership to Improve the Electric Grid

01.11.16   DOE Issues RFI and Industry Day Announcement on Optimal Design of Saltstone Disposal Units at SRS

01.04.16   DOE’s DWPF at SRS Pours 4,000th Canister of Vitrified Waste


12.16.15   SRS Public Tour Registration Now Open

11.12.15   SRS Employees Give Over 20,000 Christmas Gifts to Local Children

12.10.15   Bizarre Relay Race Brings Joy to those in Need this Holiday Season

12.08.15   SRNL to Pursue Space for Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative

11.24.15   DOE SunShot Grant Awarded to SRNL for Solar Power Initiatives

11.12.15   SRS Tour Continues to Surprise and Impress Area Educators

10.29.15   NNSA Honors SRS Employees for Excellence

10.29.15   SRS Information Pods: Learning About SRS Projects and Missions

10.27.15   SRS’s Liquid Waste Program Successes Yield A Strong Fiscal Year Finish

10.22.15   DOE Contractor Completes Major Salt Waste Processing Facility Construction Milestone

10.20.15   SRS Begins Steps to Double-Stack Canisters for Continued Safe Storage of Glassified Waste

10.19.15   Mobility Impaired Hunters and Wounded Warriors Aim for Success during Annual Deer Hunt at SRS

10.13.15   SHINE Signs License Agreement for SRNL Innovation

10.13.15    SRR to Begin Testing for Liquid Tightness of Saltstone Disposal Unit 6

10.02.15   Savannah River Site Citizens Advisory Board Seeking New Members

10.01.15   2014 Environmental Report States SRS Environmentally Safet

10.01.15    Savannah River Remediation Installs New Cost-Saving Pump Design

09.25.15   SRNL Joins with Japan on New Fukushima Research Project

09.23.15    Thousands of Area Students Attend College Night 2015

09.23.15   Grouting Complete for Closure Of 7th SRS Waste Tank

09.22.15   DOE Releases Request for Information/Sources Sought for SRS Liquid Waste Services

09.08.15   Savannah River Site’s H-Canyon Used as Test Bed for New Technologies

09.01.15   SRNL’s F/H Analytical Laboratories Achieve International Standard Accreditation

08.25.15   Inaugural Savannah River Site “Sports Challenge” Benefits the United Way

08.18.15   Re-evaluation of Maintenance Schedules Saves Thousands of Dollars, Hours

08.12.15   Savannah River Site’s H Canyon Turns 60 Years Old

08.12.15    Aiken Tech Radiation Protection Technology Program Fills a Local Need

08.12.15   USC-Aiken, SRNL Sign University Scholars Agreement

08.11.15   South Carolina National Guard Training at the Savannah River Site

08.06.15   SRR Completes Elastomeric Roof Coating on Saltstone Disposal Facility Vault 4

07.27.15   SRS Firefighters Respond to 50 Emergencies in
the CSRA

07.23.15   Space Probe Used for Historic Pluto Flyby Fueled by Savannah River Site’s H Canyon

07.21.15   SRNL’s Dr. Brian Looney Wins Orth Award

07.20.15   CSRA College Night Celebrates Over 20 Years of Service to Area Students on September 10

07.15.15  Excess SRS Assets Boost Area Economies

07.14.15  SRNL Technologies Featured at National Showcase

07.09.15   Concrete Trucks Crisscross SRS for Multiple Projects

07.08.15   SRNL Assumes Leadership of National Analytical Management Program

07.02.15  SRS Softball Tournament a “Home Run” for Local United Way Agencies

06.30.15   Innovative Disposal of Concrete Culverts Completed Ahead of Schedule

06.29.15   Public Tour Program Continues at SRS

06.24.15   SRNS Gets A+ Report Card for Education Outreach

06.22.15   Aiken Hospitality Partners Visit SRS

06.10.15   Spent Fuel Project Personnel Improve Process Efficiency and Employee Safety

06.04.15   SRNS Takes on Environmental Cleanup Challenge: Coal-Fired Ash

06.02.15   SRS Firefighters and Radiological Protection Complete Live Burn Training

06.02.15   Grouting Begins on Next SRS Waste Tank

06.01.15   3D Training: Virtual Reality for Nuclear Material Handling

05.28.15   SRNS Dismantles Radioactive Waste Storage Facility

05.14.15   Unneeded Plutonium Sources Successfully Transferred From SRS

05.11.15  SRS Breaks Ground for New Heating Plant at Biomass Cogeneration Facility

05.05.15   SRNL: Inventing Extra Protection for High Energy Waste

04.29.15   Energy Department Adds Two-Years to Liquid Waste Management Contract at SRS

04.29.15   SRS Deer Hunt Registration Begins

04.24.15   DOE SRS Contractors Participate in Aiken’s Earth Day Celebration

04.23.15   SRNL’s Fox Named Fellow of the American Ceramic Society

04.15.15   Expanded Operations Resume in H Canyon to Allow for Increased Spent Fuel Processing

04.09.15   SRNL: Safest National Laboratory

04.08.15   Registration for SRS' First Ultimate Fishing Challenge Begins

04.01.15   SRNL: Helping Students Emerge as Scientists

03.31.15   SRNL’s Dr. Brenda García-Díaz Honored for Research Excellence

03.23.15   Secure Wireless Technology Found to be Highly Reliable

03.23.15   SRS Mega-Volume Waste Disposal Unit Reaches Halfway Construction Mark

03.17.15   Savannah River Remediation Completes Construction Turnover of Salt Solution Receipt Tanks

03.16.15   Veterans Seeking Post-Military Careers Tour SRS Curation Facility

03.16.15   From Silver to Lead, SRS turns Potential Trash into Recycled Treasure

03.11.15   SRS Salt Waste Processing Reaches 5-Million Gallon Milestone

03.04.15   Area High School Teams Perform Well at DOE’s Savannah River Regional Science Bowl® Championship

03.02.15   SRS Senior Engineer Honored

02.26.15   DWPF Melter 2 Pours 10 Millionth Pound of Glass

02.20.15   SRS Responds to Train Derailment, Hydrochloric Acid Spill

02.13.15   Savannah River Remediation Reaches 8 Million Hours without Lost Work Day

02.11.15   Millions of Gallons of High-Level Waste Safely Moved at SRS in 2014

02.03.15   Monitoring the Invisible – a New Technology
in Nuclear Detection

02.02.15   Continuous Improvement at SRS Leads to Invention of New, Safer Equipment

01.08.15   SRS Public Tours: Decades of Inspiring History, Cold War Defense, Nuclear Operations and Miles of Pristine Wilderness


2014 News Release Archive
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2013 News Release Archive
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2012 News Release Archive
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2011 News Release Archive
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2010 News Release Archive
Click here to download the 2010 ZIPed archive, requires ZIP-compatible decompression software to open (~4MB).

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