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ARRA Economic Impact Report

President Barack Obama signed The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA, also known as Recovery Act or Stimulus) into law on February 17, 2009. The purpose of this report is to show the economic impact of the ARRA on the five South Carolina and Georgia counties that are adjacent to the Savannah River Site (SRS).

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A view of the new SRS footprint reduction timeline map

Footprint Reduction Timeline

A key objective of the Department of Energy is to significantly reduce the footprint of the Savannah River Site by September 2012. By implementing a strategy in which large areas are cleaned up, 234 square miles, or 75% of the Site, will be freed up for potential re-use or re-development by the end of September 2012. Learn more about the progress with our new, interactive map

See how the Recovery Act is working

Cooling Tower Demolition

A significant Recovery Act milestone is reached with the controlled implosion of the K-reactor cooling tower

Lunch and Learn

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions LLC scheduled a series of "Lunch and Learn for Small Business" in the Central Savannah River Area. The events offer the outlook for upcoming requests for proposals and participants gain insight on how to do business at SRS

113%Progress to Date

Data updated 09/20/2012

3669 Recovery Act jobs thus far

Data updated 08/19/2010

$441.4M SRNS Recovery Act contracts awarded (approx.)

Data updated 09/21/2012

$441.4M in ARRA contracts thus far (approx), $306.1M has been awarded to small businesses. $190M as of April 2011 in total contracts awarded within neighboring South Carolina and Georgia communities

Ronnie Young

An Important VoiceRonnie Young Chairman, Aiken County Council

“The impact of the benefits coming from Washington is greatly benefiting the local community. From the county standpoint, I see economic vitality returning.”

Larry Murdaugh

An Important VoiceLarry Murdaugh Superfund Job Training Initiative Trainee

“The Recovery Act helps the community and the environment. It puts people back to work, which is good for the community, and it accelerates clean up, which is good for our children.”

Marshall Martin

An Important VoiceMarshall L. Martin, Jr. Executive Director, Barnwell County Economic Development Commission

“What the Recovery Act is doing now is providing an opportunity for some of our people who have been displaced. It gives us enough of a bridge to a normal economy when there is job creation.”

Kera Woods

An Important VoiceKera Woods Superfund Job Training Initiative Trainee

“The Recovery Act is helping people get back on their feet. It is getting a lot of families through a tough time.”

Sandy Fowler

An Important VoiceSandy Fowler Executive Director, Hampton County Economic Development Commission

“We are excited about and committed to connecting our citizens and businesses to the $1.6 billion Recovery Act. We are committed to helping them.”

Reginald Roberts

An Important VoiceReginald Roberts Superfund Job Training Initiative Trainee

“It’s going to benefit our area and further employment in the next two to three years. It’s giving a whole lot of people hope because they have jobs.”

Bobby Jones

An Important VoiceBobby Jones SRS / Recovery Act Worker

“If the Recovery Act had not come about, it would have probably meant a layoff for me.”

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James Bing

An Important VoiceJamie Bing SRS / Recovery Act Worker

“I couldn’t believe it. With the economy suffering, I knew good jobs were hard to come by. A job with the Recovery Act at SRS was almost too good to be true.”

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Dr. Clint Wolfe

An Important VoiceDr. Clint Wolfe Executive Director, Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness (CNTA)

“The initiative is a great way to kick off what we see as the nuclear renaissance in the Southeast. It starts the process of workers getting the skill sets that will hopefully get them jobs in the future.”

“The acceleration of the available site land speeds up when we can think about an energy park. All of these are good things for the community in the long run.”

James K. Hussey, Jr.

An Important VoiceJames K. Hussey, Jr. Regional Representative, East Georgia, U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss

“I think it’s a great thing and they are using the money in the right places besides what we’re doing in the clean up for skilled and unskilled workers.”

“I think they are using the taxpayers’ money wisely. I think it is going to pay off. They have a mission, recovery, transparency.”

Walt Tobin

An Important VoiceDr. Walt Tobin Interim President of Denmark Technical College

“Any opportunity the students get to see that there’s a job waiting for them is further enhancing the role in creating successful employees in the future.”

Tom Hallman

An Important VoiceDr. Tom Hallman Chancellor of University of South Carolina-Aiken

“I think the opportunity to use the $1.6 billion will enable us in two years to have more options. It is a great thing.”

Susan Winsor

An Important VoiceDr. Susan Winsor President of Aiken Technical College

“One of the opportunities of the Recovery Act is to provide individuals with training in the technical field. Even if those individuals are not retained, they will be better trained for another position in the technical industry.”

SRS Recovery Act Project Mission:

Safely and cost-effectively support the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act initiatives through:

  • The investment in American businesses and workers
  • The accelerated footprint reduction at the Savannah River Site (67 percent by 2011)
  • Up to 3000 jobs created or retained on Site
  • The safe and effective use of technology to remediate waste
  • The transformation of the DOE site for future energy independence, innovative technology, and national security missions

We vow to execute this mission with continuous regulatory interaction and a focus on: Safety and Security, Transparency, Accountability, Economic Recovery, and Environmental Protection

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