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SRS Tank 5 Moves to Closure

Aiken, SC -- American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding is helping accelerate tank closures at the Department of Energy's (DOE) Savannah River Site’s F Tank Farm. The project is receiving $1.4 million in Recovery Act funding, which will allow for important steps that are necessary to moving the tank to closure.

Ron Boisvert, Savannah River Remediation LLC’s project manager for the Tank 5 and 6 closure projects, said, “The Recovery Act funding we have received will allow us to refurbish the Tank 5 ventilation system and will support the removal and replacement of a failed submersible mixing pump in the tank. This is a necessary step in order to continue the important closure work at the tank.”

The fifty foot long pump was recently removed from the Tank 5 (see photo) and will be replaced by a submersible pump from nearby Tank 6. Tank 5 is one of fifty-one waste tanks at the Savannah River Site. Constructed in 1953 and placed in service in 1959, the tank has a capacity of seven hundred and fifty thousand gallons. The interior of the tank nearing completion of cleaning ( see photo ) is a complicated matrix of horizontal and vertical cooling coils, risers and supports for the nearly two foot thick concrete roof.

Boisvert continued, “Savannah River Remediation is committed to the closure of twenty-two waste tanks in eight years. ARRA funding helps in a big way by maintaining and enhancing tank farm infrastructure and expediting the lengthy and complicated tank closure process.”

Tank 5 Pump is removed
Tank 5 Heel Removal (Tank Interior)
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