SRS Status and Emergency Information

SRS Status and Emergency Information


There are no emergency announcements for SRS at this time.

The Savannah River Site continues to monitor the current COVID-19 pandemic and is evaluating the staffing needs in regards to on-going support of our Department or Energy Environmental Management (EM) and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) missions. In prudent response to the current situation regarding COVID-19 in the Central Savannah River Area, the Savannah River Site continues to transition to limited operations. This includes the maximum use of teleworking and the identification of personnel who are ineligible to telework and able to go home on paid weather/safety leave for up to 30 days, without impacting critical missions. During this period, activities that support our missions will be limited to those necessary to ensure the safety of the public, our workers, and the environment as well as the continuance of critical national security missions. In conjunction with our colleagues across the Department of Energy complex, SRS continues to closely monitor developments associated with the coronavirus, and will provide updates as circumstances warrant. The transition to limited operations is being specifically tailored to each facility at SRS and must be conducted in an efficient and safe manner. Affected contractor employees are receiving additional guidance from their employers.


 SRS Community Preparedness Information brochure

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Last updated: March 28, 2020