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CHAC Mission

To serve as a representative body for college hires, co-ops, and interns throughout SRS.

  • Create awareness of common workplace issues surrounding acclimation and career development,
  • Identify problems and solutions related to college hires,
  • Serve as a peer support group to leverage relationships,
  • Foster a dialogue with direct supervisors and Senior management, and
  • Be a vehicle to initiate change throughout the organization.


Senior leadership has recognized that there is a shortage of employees being trained and developed to secure more management positions in the near term. Thus, managers have been challenged to review their current programs for hiring, training, and developing college graduates and employees in the lower grade levels.

With this in mind, senior management at Savannah River Site decided that the College Hire Advisory Council should be expanded to address the issues relevant to SRS and all of its college hires. The program was originally initiated in Bechtel's San Francisco Office, and has become a platform for SRS CHAC to grow on.


Open to all college hires (0-5 years) and those that have a particular interest in the college hire program. Currently there are over 300 active college hire participants located at SRS

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Bullet New Members Committee

The new members committee:

  • serves as the liaison between college hires, Human Resources, and CHAC to welcome new college hires to the Savannah River Site.
  • promotes involvement in CHAC
  • provides information regarding activities and meetings, and works with communications to maintain a current list of college hires at SRS
  • manages the College Hire Manual and oversees its content development, production, distribution, and maintenance.

Bullet Programs Committee

The Programs Committee develops quality programs and activities that engage CHAC while providing insight into the larger SRS community through guest speakers and career development sessions.

Bullet Social Committee

The Social Committee provides high quality, structured entertainment for new hires of the Savannah River Site to interact outside of work in order to facilitate networking, encourage camaraderie, and promote participation in CHAC.

Bullet Volunteer Committee

The volunteer committee strives to create a community awareness within SRS CHAC members by providing opportunities to experience the personal rewards, understand the societal importance, and gain professional fulfillment from community service. Responsible for organizing projects and events where CHAC members are representatives of SRS within the CSRA.

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CHAC Email

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Last updated: September 2, 2010