Information on Registering with the University of Nevada for Graduate Credit for NP-603
Management of SARP Preparation

Process Overview:
For students new to the UNR program, this is a two-step registration process:
1) Individuals must first register with UNR as a student (and be accepted by UNR).

Note: Because of required paperwork and documentation, likely this should be initiated no later than June 1.

Note: Registration can be as a non-degree seeking student (what UNR refers to as a Grad Special)
or directly as a student enrolled in the UNR Graduate Certificate program. Being admitted as a Grad Special generally requires less paperwork and time. The fee is $60 for either.

Link to initiate an application to register with UNR as a student (either type) is

2) After registering and being accepted as a UNR student, the student will enroll in the UNR NP 603 course for credit using the self-registration process in MyNevada.

Note: Directions on how to log into the MyNevada portal are emailed to each student upon being accepted as a UNR student. UNR tuition and fees are currently $745.25 per credit. The last day for a UNR student to enroll in NP-603 without getting assessed a UNR late fee is July 9, 2021.

Link to register for the NP603 course with UNR to obtain graduate credit is

To help with questions that you may have, detailed sets of instructions to register as a student can be downloaded below. Alternately you can reach out to Jamie L Rittenbach , with any UNR associated registration questions that you may have.

Applying as a Graduate Special for Nuclear Packaging and Transportation, Security and Safeguards Graduate Certificate Coursework (pdf)

Nuclear Packaging Graduate Certificate Transportation, Security and Safeguards Graduate Certificate Graduate School Handbook (pdF).

Mail-in Registration Instructions