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ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable)
ALARA Programs

Components of the successful SRNS ALARA Program include management commitment, the Integrated Safety Solutions Center, radiological work planning, assessments, procedures, facility design, ALARA training, and radiological performance reports.

Realistic and measurable ALARA goals are developed annually. The Site ALARA Committee approves the goals for maximum annual collective exposure and the maximum individual exposure for the next year. In addition, a goal for the maximum number of internal exposure, resulting greater than 100 mrem committed effective dose (CED) is set. The goals take into account best operating practices, planned ALARA improvements and production requirements. Management reviews these goals to assure that they reflect a full commitment to ALARA principles. Major work groups in each facility, each of the site’s operating areas, as well as the entire site have challenging goals that require ALARA progress to accomplish them. This progress is measured quarterly and monitored by management through radiological performance reports.

Radiological work planning uses the Integrated Safety Management (ISM) functions which define the scope of work, analyze the hazard, develop controls, perform work, and feedback information have been included to maintain occupational exposure for all operations.

Facility design ensures the integration of appropriate methods for maintaining occupational exposures through general layout of facilities, ventilation systems, remote operations, decontamination, and radiation shielding.

Radiation symbolTools for the success of the program include internal assessments that are conducted periodically of the ALARA activities on site, procedures that provide direction for maintaining occupational exposures, and education and training of the site personnel which provides basic information on the principles of ALARA.

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