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The Savannah River

Steve Ashe, SRNS Corporate Communications, provided this year’s cover photo of the Savannah River. The Savannah River defines most of the boundary between Georgia and South Carolina. The river is approximately 300 miles long and borders the Savannah River Site’s southwestern perimeter for 35 river miles. Historically, the Savannah River has played an important part in the construction and operation of the Savannah River Site. Throughout the fifty plus years of Site operations, the river has been and continues to be a source of water for a variety of processes. The Savannah River currently provides drinking water to two major metropolitan cities in Georgia, Augusta and Savannah, as wells as the cities of Beaufort and Hilton Head in South Carolina. Besides fishing, this river is home to many recreational events in the Central Savannah River Area such as the annual Paddlefest hosted by the Savannah Riverkeepers, the annual dragboat race hosted by the Augusta Southern Nationals, and the annual Head of the South rowing regatta hosted by the Augusta Rowing Club all in Augusta, Georgia. Additionally, the Savannah River is home to  a plethora of native and aquatic species allowing for biodiversity of microorganisms, aquatic plants, swamps and fish. Savannah River Site conducts surveillance along the Savannah River at locations above and below SRS streams, which discharge into the river, to ensure that the operations at SRS do not hinder the natural and recreational aspects of the river. The river ultimately empties into the Atlantic Ocean downstream from the city of Savannah, Georgia. 



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