red blossom of the swamp tupelo

Nyssa sylvatica variety biflora

This year's cover features the swamp tupelo, which displays colorful fall foliage and provides food for wildlife and pollen for honeybees at the Savannah River Site

Inside Cover
Title Page
Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Sampling Location Information
Chapter 1 – Environmental Compliance
Chapter 2 – Environmental Management
Chapter 3 – Radiological Effluent Monitoring
Chapter 4 – Radiological Environmental Surveillance
Chapter 5 – Potential Radiation Doses
Chapter 6 – Nonradiological Effluent Monitoring
Chapter 7 – Nonradiological Environmental Surveillance
Chapter 8 – Groundwater
Chapter 9 – Quality Assurance
Chapter 10 – Special Surveys and Projects
Appendix A – Applicable Guidelines, Standards,
and Regulations

Appendix B – Radionuclide and Chemical Nomenclature
Appendix C – Errata from 2000 Report
Units of Measure
Conversion Tables

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