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Due to COVID-19, the 2021 Deer Hunt has been cancelled

Welcome to the Savannah River Site Deer Control Activities

The mission of the Savannah River Site (SRS) Deer Control Activities is to conduct a harvest intended to lower the incidence of animal-vehicle collisions on the site and reduce the feral hog damage to valuable plant communities, timber plantations, and ecological research sites.

Since 1965, the Savannah River Site has provided optimal deer hunting opportunities for thousands of sportsmen. The site has over 150,000 acres of land that the annual deer hunts are conducted on. Harvesting of deer using the dog drive method has proven to be the most safe and effective manner to control the SRS deer population.

The SRS deer hunts are open to the general public. Hunts will be starting in November and lasting into December. The Stander selection process is on a lottery system. Current Dog Owners and Stander applicants, please read the Hunt Information and complete the on-line application by Aug. 20, 2021. Dog Owners and selected Standers will be notified by email of your selected hunt dates and fees due.

All hunts are half day morning hunts. If selected, you would report to the Deer Hunt Building at the specified date and time. Hunters will be required to show proof of Hunting License, Picture Identification, and your Email Notification. All weapons and hunting gear will be inspected at sign-in point. A safety briefing is conducted each morning before the hunt. Dog packs are positioned at their designated locations. The hunt will begin and end at a specified time. Hunt durations are approximately 3 to 4 hours. All harvested animals are tagged and brought to our check station where they are monitored for Cesium-137. SRS currently has a 22 millirem per year administrative dose limit to release game animals (deer, hogs, etc). They are field dressed and placed into a refrigerated truck. When hunts are terminated, hunters can claim their harvested animals at the deer hunt building.

Questions/concerns?  Contact Donna O'Bannon at 803.557.5697

At Savannah River Site, safety is our main priority. During the hunts, we have Safety Auditors that are placed throughout the hunting area to ensure safe execution of the hunts. SRS has a "Zero Tolerance" policy for unsafe hunters. This includes traffic violations (seat belts, speeding, texting or using a cell phone while driving). Anyone not obeying the Rules of the Hunt will be immediately and permanently removed from the SRS hunts.

Standers Hunt Information (Food Plot - No Dogs)
Due to COVID-19, the Deer Hunt has been cancelled

Standers Hunt Information (Dog Drive) - click here.
Due to COVID-19, the Deer Hunt has been cancelled

SRS Employees Hunt Information (Food Plot) - click here.
Due to COVID-19, the Deer Hunt has been cancelled

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