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SRNS Procurement Department Ombudsman

Need help....system got you down and you don't know where to turn? Then call the Savannah River Site Procurement Ombudsman with any procurement issue, especially those which call into question the integrity of the SRNS Procurement process.

Instituted in March, 1994, the SRS Procurement Ombudsman will respond to allegations of:

  • Unethical or improper conduct
  • Favoritism
  • Gratuities
  • Unfair Treatment
  • Kickbacks
  • Other dishonest or inappropriate behavior

Most, if not all, questions can be answered by calling the SRNS Supplier Hotline at 800.888.7986. But if that doesn't get you satisfaction, then please call the SRNS Procurement Ombudsman at 803.952.5868













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