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News releases are in PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader - click here to download).

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10.20.21   “Mark Your Calendars”: CSRA College Night is Going Virtual Thursday, November 4

10.14.21   Savannah River Site Enhances Pumps to Improve Tank Waste Retrieval

10.11.21   Savannah River Site Crews Knock Down Cold War Cooling Tower

10.06.21   Engineering Innovation in Tritium Facility Results in $18.8 Million Saved at SRS

10.04.21   SRS Expands Canister Double-Stacking to Second Building

09.30.21   2020 SRS Annual Environmental Report Released

09.27.21   SRS Tritium Extraction Facility achieves record number of operations

09.20.21   SRS Modifies Third Blend Tank to Feed Salt Waste Processing Facility

09.17.21   SRNL Opens Cybersecurity Laboratory at Georgia Cyber Center

09.13.21   Salt Waste Processing at Savannah River Site Reaches Record Levels

09.09.21   SRS Makes Key Progress on Nuclear Legacy Groundwater Cleanup

09.08.21   Innovation Reduces Worker Radiation Exposure During Maintenance of Equipment Used in Tritium Extraction Process

08.23.21   Upgraded Fire Suppression System Enhances Canister Transporter Safety at the Savannah River Site

08.05.21   Tank Closure Demonstration Project Advances at SRS

08.02.21   NNSA and SRNS personnel recognized for contributions to NNSA security

07.26.21   SRS Hosts Area Teachers at Annual Environmental Justice Workshop

07.21.21   SRS Demolition of Cold War Buildings Exceeds 1 Million Square Feet

07.15.21   SRNS Education Outreach Programs Excel Despite COVID-19 Restrictions

07.12.21   Plutonium Downblending moves to four-shift glovebox operations at SRS’s K Area

07.01.21   SRNS and SRR Environmental Management Systems Deemed “Robust”

06.28.21   Klein and Villa-Aleman Named SRNL Laboratory Fellows

06.23.21   SRS Facility Supports Removal of Plutonium From South Carolina

06.16.21   H Canyon Makes Room for New Dissolver and New Mission

06.07.21   ‘In the Beam, Science in the Fast Lane,’ a Savannah River Site Journey

06.04.21   Cold War Life at the Savannah River Plant Displayed at SRS Museum

06.01.21   SRS Strengthens Use of HPI Tools to Aid in Human Error Reduction

05.26.21   SRS Employees Extend Life of Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Basin

05.26.21   SRS Improves Aging Tank to Support Salt Waste Decontamination Project

05.25.21   SRS completes years-long effort, doubles capacity of tritium loading line in support of nation’s nuclear deterrent

05.24.21   New Approach Implemented for Assessing Spent Nuclear Fuel Containers

05.21.21   Dr. Robert Sindelar Receives Governor's Award for Excellence in Scientific Research

05.20.21   New Mission for Savannah River Site Drones: Inspect Waste Sites with Engineered Protective Covers

05.11.21   SRS Completes Waste Retrieval Milestone, Exceeds Expectations

05.05.21   SRNS Crews Set to Demolish 5 Buildings in 5 Months at Savannah River Site

04.29.21   SRNS Uses Silver to Protect the Environment at the Savannah River Site

04.15.21   Utilization of Existing Resources to Monitor Shutdown Facility Results in $1.8M Annual Savings at SRS

04.14.21   SRS Project Moves from Cleanup to Closure Using Solar-Power

04.12.21   Savannah River Site welcomes new NNSA Field Office Manager

04.08.21   SRS Donates Firetruck to Local Fire Department

04.08.21   SRS completes transfer of equipment, moves closer to accelerated removal of Pu from South Carolina

03.31.21   Savannah River National Laboratory UAS Team Receives National Recognition

03.25.21   SRS Completes Liquid Tightness Test of Saltstone Disposal Unit 7

03.25.21   Excess generators shipped to Louisiana to help control flooding

03.17.21   2021 Virtual Regional Science and Engineering Fair Competition: Leading Area Students to Careers in Science, Technology and Engineering

03.16.21   Walls Going Up for Newest Saltstone Disposal Unit at Savannah River Site

03.10.21   SRNL Completes Multi-Year F/H Laboratory Modification Project

03.01.21   SRS Begins Liquid Tightness Test of Saltstone Disposal Unit 7

02.25.21   Reducing the Footprint: SRNS Nears Deactivation of Savannah River Site's F Area

02.24.21   DOE Regional Science Bowl Draws 18 Teams from SRS Area, Local Team Takes First Place

02.19.21   SRNS Accepting Teachers' Applications for Mini Grants

02.16.21    Project to Double-Stack SRS Waste Canisters Reaches Milestone

02.09.21   SRNL Awarded Two DOE Contracts Providing Innovations in Chemical Processing and Drying R&D

02.09.21   In Mark of Progress, SRS Crews Remove Cesium Columns from Tank Closure Unit

02.08.21   'What are Those Pipes For?' SRS Sheds Light on Steam Generation History

02.04.21   Cleanup Success at the Savannah River Site in 2020

01.12.21   SRS Completes Canadian TRM Campaign

01.07.21   New SRS 'Virtual Tour' Now Available


12.04.20   SRS "Toys for Tots" Campaign Creates a Happy Holiday for Area Children

12.02.20   The Future of Training Arrives at SRS Tritium Facilities 

11.23.20   State Delegates Nov. 28 SRS Day in S.C.

11.23.20   Innovation Key to Closure of Coal Yard at SRS

11.18.20   SRS Crews Successfully Demolish Facility Once Critical to Cold War Reactors

11.16.20   Preserving the History of the Savannah River Site

11.12.20   Xiao Named 2020 Don Orth Award Recipient

11.10.20   Virtual Field Trips to the Savannah River Site Become Reality

11.09.20   Dr. Paul Cloessner Receives Distinguished Scientist Award

10.28.20   SRS Personnel Honored for Support to NNSA Mission

10.20.20   NNSA Contribution to Museum Helps Tell Story of SRS Role in National Security

10.19.20   New SRS Tritium Facility Capability Increases Process Efficiency

10.15.20   Weapon Intern Program Graduates from SRS Grow Knowledge and Experience

10.14.20   Savannah River Site Closes Soil Cleanup System, Saving $264,000 Annually

10.08.20   'Bubblers' Provide Decade of Improved DWPF Operations, Preparation for Salt Waste Processing Facility

09.30.20   Savannah River Site Buildings Dismantled, Donated to Local Community Reuse Organization

09.29.20   2019 SRS Annual Environmental Report Released

09.25.20   NNSA releases Environmental Impact Statement for plutonium pit production at Savannah River Site

09.2020    SRNL Names University of South Carolina radiochemistry and materials scientist to joint appointment

09.21.20   3D Printing Improves Radiological Safety at SRS for Low Cost

09.18.20   Silver-Bearing Sludge at SRS Recycled for U.S. Precious Metals Repository

09.16.20   Project to Double-Stack SRS Waste Canisters Gains Ground

09.15.20   ARPA-E Awards $3.8M to SRNL for Tritium Fuel Cycle Projects to Improve Energy Productionn

09.01.20   Paragon Signs License Agreement for SRNL Packaging Innovation

08.26.20   SRS Working to Clean Up 12-Acre Coal Yard from Now-Defunct Cold War Powerhouse

08.24.20   Savannah River Site Improves Planning for Steam Outages at H Canyon


08.14.20   SRS Crews Build Second Water Line to Support Salt Waste Processing Facility

08.13.20   SRS-Based Radiological Assistance Program Supports Mars 2020 Launch

08.04.20   Savannah River National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory Collaborate to Prepare for NNSA Pit Mission

07.23.20   SRS Resumes Plutonium Downblend

07.22.20   Next Mega-Volume Saltstone Disposal Unit Taking Shape at SRS

07.16.20   DOE Honors SRS Team with National Excellence Award for Coal Ash Cleanup

07.13.20   NNSA Administrator visits SRS to recognize workforce dedication

06.30.20   SWMF Disposes of Safety and Control Rods from the Five SRS Production Reactors

06.25.20   Savannah River Site Completes Significant Computer System Upgrades

06.24.20   SRS's HB Line Placed in Safe Shutdown Status

06.22.20   Shift Technical Engineer Program Growing to Meet SRS Mission Needs

05.07.20   Batteries Weighing Over 90 Tons Successfully Removed from SRS Ahead of Schedule

04.30.20   SRNS Mini Grants Help Over 100 Local Teachers

04.17.20   NNSA releases instructions for virtual public hearing on Draft Environmental Impact Statement for proposed plutonium pit mission at SRS

04.02.20   Public invited to comment on Environmental Impact Statement for proposed plutonium pit mission at Savannah River Site

03.13.20   SRS Postpones Public Tours (UPDATED 09.14.20)

03.09.20   Southside High School Team Wins this Year’s DOE “Science Bowl”

03.03.20   Savannah River Site Fights Contamination with Massive Underground Wall

03.02.20   SRNL Researcher Elected to ASTM International Board of Directors

02.27.20   Tritium Finishing Facility at Savannah River Site Reaches Key Milestone

02.11.20   Crews Replace Roof of Laboratory Integral to Savannah River Site

02.05.20   SRNL Achieves 5 Million Safe Hours Worked

01.30.20   Cleanup Workers Transform Former Waste Site Into Grassy Field at SRS

01.27.20   SRS Crews Mark Milestone in Double-Stacking Waste Canister Project

01.08.20   SRNL Teams Honored by Secretary of Energy


12.20.19   2018 Environmental Report Shows SRS Environmentally Safe

12.20.19   SRS Public Tours: Opportunity to See the Past, Present and Future of the Savannah River Site

12.16.19   SRS Shifts to Low-Cost Technology to Remove Remaining Solvents at Basin

12.12.19   DOE Completes First Tank Closure Phase Using Innovative Technology at SRS

12.12.19   Savannah River Site Successfully Demolishes Legacy Facility

12.11.19   Savannah River Site Reaches Milestone in Construction of Large-Scale Disposal Unit

12.05.19   SRS Employees Exceed Major Christmas Milestone with Toys Donated to Local “Toys for Tots” Campaign

11.26.19   SRNL Seeking Partners for the DOE Visiting Faculty Program

11.25.19   Materials from SRS Help Prepare Future Welders

11.21.19   SRS Employees Show Their Creative Side at Aiken Center for the Arts

11.15.19   SRNL's Dr. Thong Hang Elected AIChE Fellow

11.07.19   SRNL names Dr. Christine Langton 2019 Donald Orth Award recipient

11.05.19   Tritium Extraction Sets the Stage for Future Service to Nation

11.01.19   SRNL Radiation Detection Systems Operating at Ports of Tacoma and NY/NJ

10.31.19   Savannah River Site Contractors Continue to Earn Industry Safety Recognition

10.30.19   SRNL’s Dr. Elizabeth Hoffman Named 2019 ASM International Fellow

10.29.19   SRS Celebrates 20th Annual Deer Hunt for Wounded Warriors and the Mobility Impaired

10.22.19   LDRD Advancing Science: SRNL Completes Annual R&D Proving Ground

10.18.19   SRNS Employees Recognized for Support to U.S. Nuclear Deterrent

10.16.19   DOE Honors SRS for Drones Performing Rooftop Building Maintenance

10.14.19   SRS Savings Lead to ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Employee Onboarding

10.01.19   CSRA College Night Passes 25-Year Anniversary and Exceeds 100,000 in Attendance

09.19.19   SRS Deploys Innovation to Clean Up Groundwater Contamination

09.17.19   Two SRNS Teams Honored by NNSA Office of Safety, Infrastructure and Operations with Awards of Excellence

09.09.19   SRNL and Internships: A Symbiosis Made in Science

08.29.19   Savannah River National Laboratory’s Connie Herman Receives 2019 D. T. Rankin Award

08.19.19   MARK 18A Ribbon Cutting for Mock Up Facility: Turning Nuclear Waste into Valuable Material

08.19.19   Recycled Iron Used to Neutralize Solvents in Groundwater Beneath SRS

08.13.19   SRR Completes Interim Projects, Prepares for Salt Waste Processing Plant Startup

07.24.19   SRS Classification Officer Robert Houck Honored with Department of Energy Award

07.16.19   SRS Contractors Honored with State Safety Award

07.12.19   Mobility Impaired and Wounded Warriors Deer Hunt Registration Begins

06.26.19   Driving Supplier Opportunities and Empowering Leadership throughout the Region

06.12.19   Savannah River Site Breaks Ground on Saltstone Disposal Units 8 and 9

05.23.19   Wounded Warriors and Mobility-Impaired Residents “Cast” for Trophy Fish at SRS during Day of Honor

05.21.19   SRS Contractors Recognized for Site-Wide Safety Performance Excellence

05.09.19   Workers Install Essential Tank Pump for SRS Salt Waste Processing Facility

04.23.19   Dunbarton Bay Ash Cleanup Project: SRS Environmental Restoration and Preservation Continues

04.03.19   SRS Works on Dual Waste Streams, Reaching 10 Million Gallons Processed

03.27.19   Savannah River Site Completes First Batch in Waste Removal Pilot Project

03.22.19   SRS Begins Constructing Large-Scale Disposal Unit

03.05.19   CSRA Team Wins this Year’s DOE “Science Bowl”

02.12.19   Oxidants Neutralize Waste Solvents in Savannah River Site Aquifer

01.29.19   Area Students to Design Cities of the Future, Protecting Against Natural Disasters During Regional Competition

01.28.19   Savannah River Site Facility Produces 30 Million Gallons of Decontaminated Mixture

01.24.19   Tank Closure Project Goes Operational at Savannah River Site

01.09.19   DOE Awards Contract for Administrative and Technical Support Services at Savannah River Site

01.09.19   Waste Removal for Tank Closure Project Underway at Savannah River Site

01.02.19   Savannah River Site Offers Public a Look Behind the Barricades


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